• Design and manufacture inertial systems or passive and active LVDT to specification.
• Small to high value production runs, short deadlines
• SAMCEF (calculation by finite elements in vibratory and thermal conditions)
• Expertise and software tool for assessing reliability under MIL-HDBK 217
• Modelling, 3D flows
• Obsolescence watch
• Re-engineering
• Thermal and vibration tests
• HALT/HASS machine


• Custom design of analog and digital electronic functions from customer specifications or wiring diagram, analysis, CEM…
• Mixed Pspice simulators, automatic electronic circuit router, etc.
• Software tool for assessing reliability under MIL-HDBK 217
• FPGA simulation and programming tool
• 3D modelling
• Thermal and vibration test means
• HALT/HASS machine
• Re-engineering
• Obsolescence watch