CER series- ((IS) SX12K integration)


Utilization range

  • In surface industries
  • In permanent presence of gaseous or dusty explosive atmosphere
  • With the gas listed in subdivisions IIA, IIB, IIC


  •  Ex ia IIC ou IIB T6 à T3 for P version
  • Ex ia IIC ou IIB T6 à T3 for PHT version

CER series- ((IS) SX12K integration)


CER sensors, which can be used in explosive atmosphere, associate a (IS) SX12K sensor with a sealed housing and a shaft bearing.

The device can be fixed with a ball and socket joint.

These CER sensors have a 5 meter or 10 meter cable output.

They are AC/AC sensors; they should be connected to intrinsically safe signal conditioner reference 690 210 279.


  • Valve position measurement
  • Servo-actuator position feedback
  • Fire system remote control
  • Steam turbine servo-valve control
  • Vapocracker valve control
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