(IS) SX12K series


Utilization range

  • In surface industries
  • In permanent presence of gaseous or dusty explosive atmosphere
  • With the gas listed in subdivisions IIA, IIB, IIC


  • Ex ia IIC ou IIB T6 à T3 for P version
  • Ex ia IIC ou IIB T6 à T3 for PHT version

(IS) SX12K series


The Meggitt (Sensorex) SX12K range is a high performance LVDT series.

These sensors are available in 250 bar pressure and 200°C temperature versions.

They have a 5 meter or 10 meter shielded cable output.

Their small size and their excellent performances will be appreciated for every projects for which quality and reliability are necessary.

These sensors are AC/AC. They should be connected to intrinsically safe signal conditioner reference 690 210 279.


  • Valve position measurement
  • Servo-actuator position feedback
  • Steam turbine servo-valve control
  • Vapocracker valve control
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